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How to upload and display artwork
How to upload and display artwork
Written by Anna Muni
Updated over a week ago

To stream your NFTs and digital art onto any smartTV, first, upload the files onto the Niio platform with these 8 steps.

1. Download your NFT artwork and save it on your cloud/drive folder or mobile phone. Or connect your crypto wallet.

2. Go to or download the app on Google Play Store or AppStore.

3. Sign up for a new account as Collector.

4. Choose your plan to view art at full quality. For art collectors, we recommend Niio Prime with 4K support on up to 6 screens. Note: If you choose the “Free” plan, your art will display with a watermark.

5. Upload your artwork to My Vault - under My Area tap the Upload icon. Choose Browse & Upload to upload directly from your device or Fast Import from Cloud when you wish to upload directly from Google Drive / Dropbox. You can upload multiple artworks at once.

6. Set your artwork settings - once uploaded, choose artwork visibility (visible or hidden from public search) and add additional artwork information.

7. Create an art playlist and open the uploaded artwork under My Area, tap My Vault, open the artwork, and tap Add to a Playlist to create your own curated playlist of your collection.

8. Display and stream your artwork- once artwork processing is done, open the uploaded artwork under My Area, tap My Playlist, and tap Cast / Airplay to Screen.

Note: Make sure both mobile and screen are connected to the same network. If your connection is not working, click here.

If you have a Samsung display and wish to stream through the Niio art player app, click here.

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