As a Samsung TV owner (of a model from 2018 onward - find out which you have here) you can turn your TV screen into a standalone digital art canvas.

1. Go to or download the app on Google Play Store or AppStore.

2. Create an account.

3. Choose a plan that best suits your needs. Note: If you choose the “Go Free” plan, your art will display with a watermark.

4. Install Niio Art Player from the TV app store.

5. Press ‘Pair Screen'.

6. Download the Niio Art mobile app and log into your account.

7. In your Niio Art mobile app menu, go to My Displays.

8. Add a new display by scanning the QR code on your TV.

9. After pairing, the artwork will instantly play.

10. Now you can discover and display pre curated Artcasts, or you can create playlists of your favorite artworks.

Niio TV app will be coming soon to Android TV, and LG Smart TV.

To watch a video on how to display NFTs & digital art on a Samsung Smart TV, click here.

If you wish to buy a new Samsung screen, please find Niios recommendations here.

If you are an Artist or a Gallery, you can upload your own artwork by following the link.

If you are an Art Collector and want to display your NFTs, follow the instructions here to connect your wallet.

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