What is the Niio Curated Marketplace?
Written by Anna Muni
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The Niio Curated Marketplace is a unique combination of ways for Artists and Galleries to monetize their art and reach wider audiences – including Artcast streaming subscriptions, and Catalogs for purchase and loans.

Artcast streaming subscriptions

Niio’s curated Artcasts are video artwork programs that can be streamed and displayed in high-end private collectors’ homes and public spaces, making art instantly accessible to anyone for a monthly subscription fee which is shared with the participating artists and galleries.

Catalogs for purchase and loan

Niio’s Catalogs showcase artwork editions that can be purchased or loaned instantly or auctioned on the Niio platform. Sales and royalty fees for secondary sales are paid to artists and galleries with a small commission fee paid to Niio.

How to create your own Artcast or Catalog

1. Log into your account on niio.com

2. Go to My Area

3. Select Channels under your photo and bio

4. Click Create New on the left hand side

5. Chose either Artcast or Catalog

*Please note, when creating a Catalog, you have the option to edit commercial rules for inquiries or sales/loans.

Niio's Revenue Share with Artists and Galleries

Artists and galleries can feature artworks on Niio’s Curated Marketplace and earn from their art.

  • For sales of limited editions – 85% goes back to the artist and gallery. 5%-10% to artist and gallery on secondary sale.

  • For loan of limited editions – 50% goes back to the artist and gallery.

  • For Niio Artcasts subscriptions – 30% goes back to participating artists and galleries.

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