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How to connect my wallet to my Niio account
How to connect my wallet to my Niio account
Written by Anna Muni
Updated over a week ago

You can connect any crypto wallet using Niio. Please follow the instructions here to download the Niio app.

To connect wallets via your mobile devices

1. Open the Niio app on your mobile device.

2. On the bottom right, click Menu.

3. Click My Wallets.

4. Click Connect My Crypto Wallets

5. Search and select which wallet you would like to connect to Niio.

6. Once connected, you will see your art under My Area and then My Portfolio.

7. Cast it to your screen.

For more information on how to display your NFT on a Samsung Signage smartTV, click here. For information on how to display art on a SmartTV, follow the instructions here.

Using a web browser

1. Login and click the top right icon wallet next to the search bar.

2. Select Connect My Crypto Wallets.

3. Select which wallets you would like to connect.

4. In the popup, sign the signature request to transfer your artwork.

5. Your wallets have been connected! Cast and share to enjoy.

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