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An enterprise such as corporate, real estate, or hotels that wishes to display Niio Art on a standard screen can do so with Niio Enterprise. For example, stream digital art in common areas such as elevators, hallways, stairways, meeting rooms, or hotel guest rooms.

To further enhance the experience, Niio created a Bespoke Mega Screen program that commissions unique artwork for luxury spaces. Enterprise spaces such as corporate, real estate, and hotels with unique aspect ratio displays, i.e. non-standard aspect ratio 16:9 Landscape / 9:16 portrait (4K) can create newly commissioned art, purchased or loaned art.

To see examples of where Niio displays art, please see the Idea Book.

Enterprise Benefits

The platform is extensible to the B2B market; for all venues and public places where digital art experiences can transform environments and create new modes of interaction and for cultural brands looking to reach target audiences.

1. Niio supports artists and provides exposure to local culture. 50% of revenues are paid to the artists.

2. Niio enables reputable value on demand for private use and public use. Get tailor-made artworks from renowned artists to serve your unique vision. Supply your guests with immediate experiential and reputable value.

3. Niio allows you to customize your space by mood, moment of the day, season and location.

4. You can stream art simultaneously on different, in different locations, all from the same device. For more information on the different offerings, please read the Subscription Offerings article.

5. As part of Niio’s exclusive, premium usage, we support you in all of your needs. Upload and display your own commercial content in addition to your digital art.

For more assistance, please contact support@niio.com

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