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Written by Anna Muni
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Niio offers the streaming of digital art & NFTs, either pre-curated or commissioned, for commercial space - with the licensing and technology included.

  • Display digital art on a standard TV screen in common areas, indoor spaces, meeting rooms, and hotel guest rooms.

  • If you are interested in learning about unique screen sizes, i.e displays that are different than the Standard Aspect Ratio Landscape 16:9 / and portrait 9:16, click here for more information about our Luxury Offerings.

Together with our in-house art consultants, we are building an annual art program that suits the screens available at your location. Curate art plans specific for your locations, or commission limited edition artworks exclusively for your brand. For more information, click here.

To further inspire your audience with the art in your space, the Niio Extend program allows your guests to take the experience home with them.

Niio has multiple solutions, depending on screen location, size, aspect ratio, quantity, and custom content request.

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