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How to purchase digital art with Niio?
How to purchase digital art with Niio?
Written by Anna Muni
Updated over a week ago

To begin, please log into your account. If you are not registered yet, follow the steps here.

To purchase digital and video art

  1. Explore the artwork under the Discover Tab.

  2. Under the discover tab - browse artworks by Catalogs, browse through the For You page, or browse artists through Members Lists.

  3. Once you have found an artwork you are interested in purchasing, click on the artwork.

  4. Click ‘BUY’.

  5. Fill out your account information, billing address, and payment information, and press continue.

  6. Once you purchase the artwork, it will be automatically transferred to your vault.

  7. Display your purchased artwork on a Samsung TV, or a smart TV.

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