Niio X Aloft
Written by Anna Muni
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What is Niio X Aloft?

Niio and Marriott have partnered to provide all Aloft Hotels access to gallery-quality digital art to be played on their portrait or landscape video walls. Included in the partnership are 12 curated artworks, provided in rotations of 3 artworks every 6 months.

As an Aloft participating hotel, what am I getting?

Since Niio Art has been chosen by Marriott to be the brand standard digital art solution to provide a captivating guest experience. You will receive 3 new gallery-quality artworks of digital art changing every 6 months. These artworks will be automatically added to your Niio Art Player each season.

Where can I find my important documents?

We have a ‘Knowledge Base’ of important documents such as the Existing Build Purchase Order, New Build Purchase Order, Setup Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, and Internet Connectivity instructions.

Where do I go for support?

For any support, we are available to you via email to, or by phone on our US toll free number at +1(800)601-7820.

For live demos, visit for more visuals.

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