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Manage and transfer your digital art collections
Manage and transfer your digital art collections
Written by Anna Muni
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Manage Collection

1. Add or edit metadata, add additional & educational files, including certificates of authenticity and additional links attached to the artwork.

2. Create Sets.

3. Create channels: Artcasts and/or Catalogs

4. Channels appear in My Area and refer to all Artcasts and Catalogs that you can create from your collection, or that you wish to subscribe to.

Transfer artwork

  • Private share - Share your artwork with another user or entity. You can secure the transfer with an optional password, and at any time, you can revoke this action.

  • Loan - Privately loan your artwork, with or without a transaction fee for the recipient. You can also define a loan time period and additional meta-data as appears on the Transfer Artwork form.

  • Consign - This action allows access to your artwork from the recipient's account, grants the recipient the rights to sell your artwork editions on your behalf, and also the right to edit some of the artwork metadata. You will still be able to continue editing your artwork metadata and to sell it. This action is revokable from your artwork "MANAGE" button.

  • Send preview - Privately share a link to your artwork preview. The recipient can only access a web page link with a watermarked version of the artwork.

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