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How to pair Niio Art to your TV
How to pair Niio Art to your TV
Written by Anna Muni
Updated over a week ago
  1. On your TV Download the Niio Art player app.

2. Press Pair Screen.

3. On your mobile device, Search & download the Niio Art app. Open the Niio Art app and login/create a free account using Google, Facebook, or Email.

4. Once logged into the Niio Art mobile app, go to Menu, My Displays and click on Add New Display.

5. Add a new display by scanning the QR code on your TV.

6. After pairing, artworks will instantly play on your TV.

7. Use the Niio Art mobile app to easily navigate between artworks, discover more ArtCasts and subscribe to your favorite ones.

How to pair Niio Art with your TV: Video

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