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How does Niio work?

Niio offers pre-curated or commissioned Digital Art for commercial spaces. Seamlessly manage and stream art with Niio - licensing and technology included.

Together with our in-house art consultants, we are building an annual art program that suits the screens available at your location.

Art program options include:

1. Niio Curated Art Plans

Annual Art Rotation plans are curated and tailored uniquely for your locations.

2. Niio Catalog & Commissions

Limited edition artworks that can be purchased or created exclusively for your brand.

3. Niio Extend

Your audience is inspired by the art in your premise and can take it home with them, courtesy of Niio’s B2C ‘Artstream’ service, while you earn referral fees.

Next, the selected art program will be displayed on the screens of your choice.

There are two ways to display the art on your screen

1. On a Samsung-supported screen, we’ll pair the Niio Smart TV app with the Niio mobile app or Niio.com. You can easily manage the art content displayed through the mobile app or web. Learn more about the list of supported Samsung screens here.

2. For other screen types, we’ll provide you with an external Niio ArtConsole Player per screen, also remotely controlled by Niio mobile app or Niio.com. For more information on the Niio art player, click here.

Niio has multiple solutions, depending on screen location, size, aspect ratio, quantity, and custom content request.

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