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How to upgrade Niio account?
How to upgrade Niio account?
Written by Anna Muni
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Niio offers a 14 day trial of all of the subscription plans. Try Niio premium to see which subscription suits you best.

From the display

1. To enjoy Niio artworks in ultra HD resolution, scan the ‘Go Premium’ QR code on your TV.

2. Open 'Plans' on your Niio Art mobile app.

3. Choose the best plan for you.

4. After upgrading, artworks will play in 4K resolution and watermark-free.

From the mobile app

  1. Open your mobile app

  2. Select ‘Menu’ on the bottom right

  3. Click ‘Go Premium’ on the menu options

  4. Chose which plan suits you best

From the web

  1. On log into your account

  2. On the top middle bar, select ‘Go Premium’

  3. Choose the best plan for you

To watch How to Upgrade Niio account, click here.

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